Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

An automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) is a great way to partially automate your current operation while maximizing your warehouse space. Rather than expanding your current facilities or seeking off-site storage, an automated storage and retrieval system makes efficient use of your vertical space.

How an AS/RS Works

Inventory, parts and components, and tooling are stored within the AS/RS. Large, bulky, and heavy items are typically stored on pallets, while small items may be stored in dividable storage containers (or “stack n nest” containers). Items are automatically retrieved through the use of warehouse software and can be delivered to a specified position, a conveyor system, or directly to an operator.

While “storage” may be the obvious need, an AS/RS is a versatile technology that can actually be used for many purposes, including order fulfillment, long-term inventory storage, or even for enhanced security of high-value products. Ultimately, an AS/RS can streamline your material handling systems, reduce wasted floor space, and allow employees to focus on other tasks.

Benefits of an AS/RS:

  • Reduces labor costs and labor constraints
  • Increases safety
  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • Increases order picking accuracy, thereby increasing customer satisfaction
  • Takes up less floor space

The right AS/RS for your warehouse will depend on your inventory type and volume, your workflow needs, and your facility availability.

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