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Hydraulic Cantilever VRC from Autoquip

Cantilevered Hydraulic VRC for Material Transfer from One Level to Another

The 2-post cantilevered hydraulic vertical reciprocating conveyors (freight lift) employs an industry-best 4 to 1 cable reeving system that minimizes stresses in the lifting cables and maximizes the amount of travel produced per inch of cylinder stroke. Due to the carriage being cantilevered off the guide beams, there are no over-head restrictions limiting the amount of load height available. Cantilevered vertical freight lifts travel up to 28 ft. with capacities to 6,000 lbs.

Hydraulic VRCs are often used for material transfer between landings, mezzanine access, and conveyor systems which improves use of vertical building space, enhances stability and safety during load transfer, and increases manufacturing efficiency.

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