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Borroughs Aisle-Saver®

Whether your operation is large or small, the demand for
increased filing and storage capacity will eventually impact
your operations by either reducing essential office space
or demanding costly facility expansion or relocation. If
your business, medical or law office, museum, library,
healthcare facility, automotive shop, manufacturing or
industrial facility is facing a crisis in filing or storage, it’s
time to save space and make space with Aisle-Saver.

Aisle-Saver® will double your storage capacity without
expanding your facility or reducing space used for
operations. We will create an Aisle-Saver system including shelving, drawers, bins, and cabinets, with electrical or manual options, to meet your exact needs.

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Wire Partitioning

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Your business is only as efficient as your factory floor or your warehouse – so let’s get those spaces moving! For more than 30 years, Engineered Handling Systems has provided design, installation, and maintenance of material handling equipment and other warehouse systems. Whether you need a simple or a complex solution, we can help maximize your space, improve productivity, and create a safer work environment.

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