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Conveyor systems are great for businesses in any industry looking to produce goods smarter, safer, and at a lower operating cost. Engineered Handling Systems has flexible conveyor systems to fit your specific warehouse needs. Our solutions can maximize your product manufacturing, material handling, and/or scrap removal.

How Conveyor Systems Works

In essence, a conveyor is a system that moves inventory, production materials, or picked orders throughout your facility. For order fulfillment, a conveyor might connect your automated storage and retrieval system to a packaging area. Items might also be moved into your facility for warehousing, throughout your entire facility, or just as needed for a specific process, such as assembly.

Conveyor Types

While conveyor systems can vary widely in terms of size and capabilities, one of the most economical options is a gravity roller conveyor. As the name implies, gravity conveyors are not powered, but rely on an inclined surface and the force of gravity (and/or a push from an operator) to move items along the rollers. A gravity roller conveyor can be designed to handle loads of any size, from light to heavy.

Depending on your needs, you might opt for a powered conveyor, which can move items both horizontally and vertically. Simple yet versatile, belt conveyors are a popular choice in many industries. Where space is at a premium, overhead conveyor systems mount to the ceiling, keeping the floor clear.

Additional conveyor options are available to transport delicate items, heavy loads, and products on pallets or in totes.

Benefits of Conveyor Systems:

  • Reduces redundant labor and labor costs
  • Increases employee safety
  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • Can quickly transport large volume

The right conveyor equipment and the best configuration for your warehouse will depend on your workflow needs, the weight and type of your items, and the volume you need to move.

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