Overhead Cranes

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Ideal for warehouses, overhead cranes are capable of lifting extremely heavy, bulky, and odd-sized loads. In some facilities, a ceiling-mounted crane system can even replace forklift trucks. These systems use a crane hoist to lift a load, move it side to side or forward and backward, and then place it down.

Cleveland Tramrail Overhead Cranes

  • Free Standing Tarca System

    • For heavier applications where the building cannot support the crane. Free standing system can support 2 to 5 tons with standard bridge lengths up to 40’ over all that can be installed without bracing to your building.
  • Cleveland Tramrail Monorail

    • Offer a wide variety of monorail systems
    • Straight and curved Tracks, Interlocks to bridge cranes and switches for changing direction to various work centers.
    • Applications include necropsy laboratories, foundries along with paint and coating lines.
  • Cleveland Tramrail Underhung System

    • Capacity 2 to 40 Tons; Span up to 60’
    • High duty Applications: Loading docks, parts assembly, equipment maintenance and truck service centers

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