TorkLift T3 Triple Pantograph

Premium Quality Heavy Duty Scissor Lift

Three sets of vertically stacked scissors are fastened directly together, stabilized, and raised simultaneously by common hydraulic cylinders. This heavy-duty scissor lift table design creates a stable structure that uses minimal floor space. Vertical travel ranges from 72″ to 144″ and capacities range from 2,000 to 6,000 lbs.

torklift t3
CapacitiesTravel DistancePlatformMobilityControls
2,000 lbs / 6,000 lbs72″ – 144″From scissor, conveyors, rotators, and extensions available.
Multiple types of unpowered to powered.Many control options to assist any application and safety requirements.

Flexibility & Benefits

  • Small footprint allows workers to stand closer to the product, minimizing the amount of floor space required for vertical travel.
  • Standard controls are prewired to a remote power unit. Installation simply includes lagging the unit to the ground and connecting to electricity.

Durability & Quality

  • All scissor rollers are captured within structural steel channels to provide excellent load stability.
  • High impact, spiral wound bearings at every pivot point provide maintenance-free, rugged resistance to abrasion, impact, and uneven loads.
  • Structural cross-members at every pinned joint in the scissor assembly minimizes leg deflection due to twisting or spreading under high/uneven loading.
  • All hydraulic cylinders contain two-piece, self-aligning piston rods that transmit minimal side forces to the cylinder hinges/pins, significantly reducing wear.
  • Structural steel channels in all top and lower frames provide additional rigidity and resistance to twisting/bending of the lift under load.
  • Joints, the most critical wear points in the lift, feature chrome-plated, 100,000 psi, ultimate-strength pins for premium load strength and long life.
  • Solid steel legs and added stiffeners provide overall stability and straight, repeatable roller tracking as the lift raises and lowers.
  • Minimum ¼ inch thick steel reinforced platform minimizes deck deflection, maximizes load stability, and adds extends life of the platform deck.


  • Hydraulic velocity fuses completely stop lifts in the unlikely event of uncontrolled descent due to sudden hose rupture.
  • Minimum 3:1 structural factor of safety makes these lifts the most structurally sound in the industry.
  • Compliance with recognized standards:
  • ANSI MH29.1 – Safety Requirements for Industrial Scissor Lifts
  • NFPA 70 – National Electric Code
  • ASTM – A36 – Structural Steel Standard
  • ANSI Z535 – Safety Labeling Requirements
  • AWS D.1 – Welding Standards
  • Applicable portions of OSHA 29CFR1910 – General Workplace Safety

Maintenance and Warranty

  • Autoquip offers an industry-best 2-year warranty on all parts as a promise that you’ve purchased the industry’s most reliable scissor lift.
  • On-board maintenance devices enable maintenance crews to safely and effectively block open the scissors during inspection and routine maintenance.
  • Sturdy, semi-transparent polyurethane oil reservoir provides an easily visible method of checking fluid levels and eliminates oil contamination due to rust.
  • Low pressure hydraulic circuit extends the life of all hydraulic components and puts less stress on the electric motor.
  • Double wire braided Parker hydraulic hoses resist wear, abrasion, and leaks.