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Dock lifts are an integral part of any manufacturing loading dock. Hydraulic dock lifts adjust to allow virtually any truck or vehicle to deliver to your facility by leveling the distance between the vehicle and your loading dock.

  • autoquip-cmd-dock-lift

    CMD Dock Lift

    Easy Ground Level Access

    CMD Dock Scissor Lifts feature an exceptionally low profile and are well-suited for pass-through dock applications including pallet jacks, hand dollies or transfer of carts for laundry, postal or retail. This dock lift is portable with (3) open platform sides offering many options for loading and unloading tasks.

  • autoquip-pdq-dock-lift

    PDQ Dock Lift

    Easy to Use, Portable Dock Lift

    Portable, medium capacity PDQ Dock scissor lifts feature an remarkably low 4 1/2″ profile. PDQ models offer a 60″ x 84″ platform size with capacities from 4,000 lbs. to 6,000 lbs., and 55 1/2″ of vertical travel. The PDQ is well suited for pass-through dock applications of pallet jacks and hand dollies and is commonly found in the automotive, retail, and grocery industries. Three open platform sides are available, making the PDQ a flexible choice for common loading and unloading tasks.

  • pld dock lift

    PLD Dock Lift

    PLD Dock Scissor Lifts are stationary lifts with a low 6″ to 6 1/2″ profile and feature either a handy onboard hydraulic power unit or a more powerful remote power unit.

    PLD models offer two platform sizes with capacities ranging from 2,000 lbs. to 5,000 lbs., and over 55 1/2″ of vertical travel. With a hinged approach ramp on one side and a throw-over bridge on the other, the PLD is well suited for pass-through dock applications of pallet jacks and hand dollies and are often found in the automotive, aerospace, and retail industries.

  • plt dock lift

    PLT Dock Lift

    PLT Dock Lift-Convenient Dock Lifting

    PLT Dock Lift accommodates broader options within our standard provisions. We have more capacity ranges and platform sizes available to tackle most dock lifting needs. The PLT Dock Lift is primarily for pit mounting and extends grade level for fork truck loading and unloading.

  • truck leveler

    Truck Leveler

    Pit Mounted & Surface Mounted Options

    Autoquip Truck Levelers put your trucks where the work is by leveling the truck bed to correct dock height for loading and unloading applications.

  • TSL dock lift

    TSL Dock Lift

    Incredible Flexibility to Handle a Range of Dock Applications

    The TSL Dock Lift features heavy-duty scissor lifts Versatile enough to function as stand-alone lift or in conjunction with other dock systems. TSL models offer six platform sizes with capacities ranging from 12,500 lbs. to 20,000 lbs., and over 60″ of vertical travel.

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