Hydraulic Lifts

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Hydraulic lifts are a great way to maximize worker and machine productivity. Engineered Handling Systems can assess your current warehouse and your needs to determine which hydraulic lift system will best meet your needs.

How a Hydraulic Lift Works

Hydraulic lifts have many applications in warehouses, but their basic function is to move people (in certain applications), products, materials, and machinery from one elevation to another. Warehouse hydraulic lifts typically have a limited vertical reach, but are suitable for reaching docks and mezzanines, and for moving items from one floor to the next during production or order fulfillment.

A hydraulic lifting machine can be powered by electricity, hydraulic fluid, or an air compressor. The platform can feature safety rails, be partially or fully enclosed or, as with scissor lift tables, it may simply be a flat surface.

Benefits of Hydraulic Lifts:

  • A safe and economical alternative in many applications
  • Eliminate manual lifting, bending, and reaching associated with a wide variety of tasks
  • Can lift large, heavy loads weighing thousands of pounds (such as shipping containers)

The right warehouse hydraulic lift depends on your specific application as well as your warehouse configuration, the size and weight of the materials you need to move, and the height you need to reach.

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