Warehouse Shelving

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When a need for storage space in warehouses arises, Engineered Handling Systems offers very versatile industrial shelving options. From standard shelving to a fully customized system, we can provide a practical and aesthetically pleasing storage solution.

Types of Shelving

A more economical option than racks, warehouse shelving is designed for lighter loads of items not on pallets. These items are loaded onto and retrieved off of the shelves by hand rather than with a forklift or other machinery. Shelving can be configured in a single row, or can be set up in multiple rows with aisles in between. Shelves may be single- or double-faced, and can reach as high as your warehouse requires. Some shelving systems also include wheels so that they can be moved as needed.

Benefits of Warehouse Shelving:

  • Products remain organized
  • Workflow can be further streamlined
  • Available warehouse space is maximized

The right shelving system depends primarily on the size and weight of the items you need to store (for heavy or palletized loads, racks may be a more appropriate solution). You should also consider the height you need to reach, and how staff will access stored items.

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