Vertical Lift Modules

Save Valuable Warehouse Floor Space

Vertical Lift Modules can Help:

  • Maximize your current warehouse floor space.
  • Improve flexibility and efficiency in picking and fulfillment.
  • Realize a Fast  ROI – companies can often recover their investment in less than 12 months.
  • Reduce Labor costs – save up to two-thirds of previously required man-hours.
  • Easily integrate and interface with WMS,ERP, and MRP system.
  • Power Column 3

    Heavy-Duty, Tough, Innovated, American-Made

    • Fully Customizable Rack and Pinion Vertical Storage Solution.
    • PLC master control with in SencorpWhite software.
    • Product height detection with automatic “slotting”.
    • Five standard tray widths, four depths.
    • Height range from 10′ to 50′
    • Standard 1,00 and optional 2,00 pound maximum live tray load capacity.
  • Silo L

    Vertical Lift Module with Shifting Trays for Multi-Purpose Uses

    • Good for long or bulky materials.
    • Protection of stored materials and efficient management of stock levels.
    • High versatility in application,including use for long or bulky items.
    • Drastic reduction in errors and picking times.
    • Operational ergonomics and safety for operators.

  • SILO²

    Automatic Multi-Column Vertical Lift Modules for Intensive Storage Needs

    • Maximum exploitation of all available space both vertically and horizontally.
    • High versatility in application and wide range of specific weights per tray.
    • Unprecedented operational continuity and flexibility.
    • Proper identification,security, and traceability of stored materials.
    • Improved ergonomics,safety, and comfort for operators.
    • Good for intensive storage needs.

    Vertical Lift Module Storage Solution for Long and Heavy Items

    • Provides capacities over 23′ in length and over 2000 lbs per tray.
    • Maximum exploitations of vertical space in a minimum footprint.
    • Drastic reduction in times, costs, and injuries during the picking and retrieval operations.
    • Ergonomics and safety for operators.
    • Protection of stored materials.
    • Optimization of the manufacturing time when machine tools are placed near VLM (ex. Cutters).
    • Real Time monitoring of the status of the storage system and stock levels with and automatic inventory.

  • SILO Plus

    Vertical Lift Module Storage Solution Designed for High-Frequency Picking of Light Loads.

    • Better price/storage capacity ratio.
    • Shorter order cycle times and faster access to materials.
    • Optimize material flow.
    • High levels of productivity in the order picking process.
    • Maximum use of both vertical and horizontal space.
    • Maximum economic efficiency.

  • Vertical Carousels

    Vertical Carousels Save Up to 90% of Warehouse Space.

    • Improved flexibility and efficiency in picking and fulfillment.
    • Faster ROI – companies can often recover their investment in less than 12 months.
    • Reduce labor – save up to two-thirds of previously required man-hours.
    • Optional totes,bins, and drawers for small and large components increase storage flexibility.
    • Easy Integration – interface with WMS,ERP, and MRO systems.
    • Light-directed put/pick.

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