Mezzanines/Work Platforms

Engineered Handling Systems, Inc. is able to design, supply, and install numerous types of mezzanines/work platforms configurations.

Main Types of Steel Mezzanines/Work Platforms

  • Free Standing – Commonly used in wide variety of applications and offer great flexibility. Considered capital equipment rather than part of the building and, thus, can be depreciated over a shorter period of time – providing a tax advantage.
  • Building Supported – If the building is designed to support additional loads, the structure could be used to support a mezzanine or platform. Able to also design a applications where the building partly supports and the columns partly supports.
  • Rack Supported – We are able to create a mezzanine level of usable space between existing (or new) storage racks, as long as the rack system can support additional loads. Catwalks can also be designed and installed.
  • Shelving Supported – For smaller storage items along side existing (or new) shelving. Can be an economical way to utilize existing space.

One Source for Space Utilization

Engineered Handling Systems, Inc. is your turn key solution for space utilization solutions that require both mezzanines and modular buildings. This allows for greater design control, one source for communication, and coordination of projects.

Applications are Endless

  • Second Story Offices
  • Observation Decks
  • Work Platforms
  • Storage Decks
  • Access Points
  • Air Handling Equipment
  • Sorter Platforms
  • Full-Pallet Storage
  • Parts Storage

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