Warehouse Racks

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Engineered Handling Systems offers a selection of safe, durable warehouse racking solutions from manufacturers who have set the industry standard. These racks are built strong to withstand abuse, improve your uptime, reduce risks, and cut maintenance costs.

Types of Racks

Industrial racking is usually designed for pallets or boxes, and is typically made of heavy-duty steel to support these heavy loads. Whether your warehouse needs to store inventory or production components, racks can be used for long-term storage or short-term staging.

Standalone racks are permanent structures, while portable racks can be folded up and stored when not needed; mobile racks have wheels that allow you to roll them throughout your facility. For more efficient pallet racking, flow racks use a first-in, first-out system.

Benefits of a Warehouse Racking System:

  • Products remain organized
  • Workflow can be further streamlined
  • Available warehouse space is maximized

The best warehouse racking system for your needs depends primarily on the size and weight of the items you need to store (for lighter loads, shelving may be a more appropriate solution). You should also consider how frequently these items need to be accessed.

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